Introducing Our First Toy!

You have no idea how excited I am to announce that Depressed Monsters is releasing our first toy this year based off of the “Be Careful, I’ve Been Hurt Before” watercolor that I did of Yerman holding his beat up heart last year in San Diego during SDCC. We will be releasing edition sizes, exclusives and how you can get your mitts on one later this summer, but for now, enjoy the first official images of our Yerman toy. As always, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to top mental health agencies across the country and utilized  in funding public speaking events for sharing the story of Yerman. You can catch up on that story and more at

You can pick up a pin of the design now at the webstore if you want to celebrate early. Available here.

_1110616 copy

“Be Careful, I’ve Been Hurt Before.”

Yerman the Sad Yeti

6 inches

Sculpted by wetworks

Includes one bandaged heart accessory

Two points of articulation.