Many of us that suffer from mental health issues have been told to “stop being sad” or a variation of comparison to sadness. For many, this is frustrating because sadness is definitely not depression, it’s so much more in every way. For many fighting the stigma, there’s a conversation to highlight this difference. We here at #depressedmonsters want to embrace this sentiment of sadness and move to empower the statement of #staysad in a way that emboldens those of us suffering from depression/anxiety. So the next time someone says, “you’re depressed? Just stop being sad” we can empower ourselves and use this to seek balance and seek creative ways to fight depression. For me, it’s Yerman that helps. For you, it may be something entirely different. If you’re feeling down right now and riding the waves of depression in a ship that seems to never find anchor anywhere stable, I want you to “Find your #Yerman” and find your balance. We are all in this together. Stay sad, stay creative, stay living. You are loved. – Ryan