Official Yerman Designer Toy Photos Are Here!

Yerman the Yeti


Man, it feels like I’ve been thinking of what to say for this announcement post for years, but Designercon week is FINALLY UPON us and I can share the official Yerman pictures! This weekend at Booth 1819, we will have 20 of these lil guys for sale. Hope to see ya’ll in Pasadena this weekend!

Creative Mornings – Featured Speaker

Man, September sure was a busy month!

For three days, Sept. 25-27, I was in full festival mode painting live at Life is Beautiful after two weeks of prepping the Art Motel with a 10 foot by 10 foot Yerman. If you missed coverage of those murals, I’ve included a few pictures below. In a nutshell, I was painting a Guerrilla Kage live at the main stage in 100+ degree weather for three days while already being exhausted. Then three days later on the 30th, I gave a talk for Creative Mornings detailing the journey of Yerman and now the video is available above! I hope you enjoy it.

I felt super fortunate to be doing this and a lot of people I had met at the festival happened to still be in town and came to the talk! It was an amazing night of hugs, hearing others stories, learning how Yerman had affected those who had been following his journey and of course pizza and coloring pages featuring the little guy. I’ll never forget this night, it was surreal and I felt so much love and positivity from those that attended. Thank you again to Creative Mornings for having me; I look forward to doing this again!

If you would like to see my next public speaking event, I will be traveling to Rhode Island on May 19th to speak at the Peace Love Peace of Mind Conference. More info can be found here:

Bye for now.

The Moth

Last February, Jed Foundation flew me out to Brooklyn, NY to take part in an evening of storytelling with Clinton Foundation and The Moth at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. The trip consisted of two days of workshops with The Moth staff to help craft the story and deliver it in a very “Moth-like” fashion. It was an amazing experience full of learning, love and tears as 12 of us grew closer through storytelling in the midst of a very cold few days in New York.

I shared a story of how my grandfather’s passing led to the creation of Yerman. The footage is now available above.

Yerman at Park Jam 2016


What a weekend! Spent the better part of Friday and Saturday painting a terrain park for Zappos Park Jam sponsored by Park Fab. The main piece, a slimed up Yerman, was inspired by my chronic Plants vs. Zombie: Modern Warfare 2 playing lately where you can get new skins for your characters. So here’s Yermie in his slime skin.

Hope you enjoy the pics and if you snapped some of your own (been seeing them all over IG and Snapchat) send them to!