New Mural Up In Downtown Vegas!

Here he is!

The completed mural located on Stewart and 4th in Downtown Las Vegas across from The Grand Hotel!


Quick note to let ya’ll know that there’s a new Yerman mural up in Downtown Vegas! It’s located on 4th and Stewart right across the street from The Grand Hotel and painted on old City Hall building which is now the HQ. This is the first time Yerman has been seen smiling and it’s safe to say that those shoes must be pretty comfy! The mural depicts how I felt when I started working at Zappos, it helped me overcome my bout with depression from my grandfather’s passing, it was truly a new chapter in my life and I’m more than honored to paint this on the wall to symbolize this.


This mural had a completely different process than any other big piece I’ve done. I enlisted local artist Miguel Hernandez to do the galaxy background as he’s one of my favorite local artists and just completely kicks ass with landscapes! As you can see, he completely killed it! After he finished his piece, I layed down the foundation for Yerman. Take a look at the process pictures below to see how this mural came along.

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The completed piece measures about 8 feet tall and can be found in the heart of DTLV on the road to the 95 so it’s the last thing you see before leaving Downtown. If you’d like to say hi, he’s located on 4th and Stewart. :)

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Designercon 2014!

YermanThis past weekend Pasadena was flooded with avid toy collectors as Designercon celebrated another year! I was lucky enough to exhibit for my first solo showing (last year I exhibited with The 80s Kids) and what a whirlwind weekend it was! If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s basically a tradeshow for unique, weird and random things of every variety. Most vendors bring vinyl toys, custom and pre-molded, but you can find so many different varieties of creative trinkets. Along with these oddities, you can also meet with some of the world’s biggest artists. During the first day of set up, I walked in to the bathroom with the legendary Frank Kozik which was surreal to say the least!


Las Vegas artists came to the show in a very big way! With the exception of a few (Ninjabot was tucked away in a corner unfortunately) we made up a row which we affectionally called The Vegas Strip. In attendance was Juan Muniz, Mr Biggs, Lil Art Bodega, Das Frank, Snipt!, Dan45, Dillon Boy and Happy Panda Toys (all pictured above) with Jeanette Hall, Vision and Paco Alvarez attending to complete the Vegas domination. It was a blast hanging with friends and meeting new ones from the city of sin.


During the con, Juan Muniz and I spoke on a panel at the main stage moderated by Las Vegas arts commissioner/ Arts Curator Paco Alvarez. The panel was called “Depression in the Arts: A Character Study” and it was a discussion on how our work is influenced by depression and isolation. If you’d like to read a little about what I spoke about, you can read my last entry about Yerman that I wrote for Suicide Prevention Day (click here for that.)


It felt really good to speak out about what influences my work while sharing the stage with two friends but what really inspired me the most was seeing Juan unload a weight that he’s been holding onto for a long time; he shared with the crowd exactly what influenced Felipe the Bunny and it was a bomb drop. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd after Juan shared his story and it was an amazing experience. Once the video goes live on Designercon’s website, I will share a link on my blog. Fellow Zappos muralist, Jeanette Hall, sketched this amazing piece while watching from the audience and I absolutely adore it. She has such a way of capturing moments.

Over the weekend I was visited by a few dudes that I haven’t seen in a long time. Blake from Workaholics stopped by the booth and took home a pink Depressed Monsters shirt. JJ Villard, creator of King Star King on adultswim. also stopped by and took home a black shirt along with a comic my brother and I wrote together.  I haven’t seen Blake since Comic Con last year where we hung at the Comedy Central party with Ders and Adam. It was good seeing him again especially after last year when he hung out with Steve at our booth. JJ made this year’s Comic Con a blast after Shahab, Jacob and I hung out with him and he took us around San Diego and adultswim parties. Hopefully they like the new shirts!


Thanks for reading and more updates to come very soon! :)




Zappos Gallery Opening

At this point you’ve probably been swarmed with pictures of the mural I painted on the Zappos headquarters from the gratuitous amounts of tweets and blog posts I’ve posted but I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a surprise gallery show in the lobby of Zappos opening at the end of the month! I submitted a 12×12 papercut of Yerman that’s hanging next to Stephani Tidewell’s amazing piece. Some of the artists include Juan Muniz, Rick Metzler, Miguel Rodriguez, Porsche, Leslie Farrell and many more! If you’re in DTLV, come down at the end of the month and see some amazing art on an amazing campus!

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Yerman Shirts: The Untold Story


When I was in eighth grade, I had a t-shirt company idea where I would put monsters on shirts and sell them to my friends. I had a notebook full of little monsters drawn on shirt mockups and dreamt of every person in my skateboard crew donning the threads at local City Boardshop events. That was about a two month venture because I soon realized that I didn’t have the money, artistic talent or means to put my little monster doodles on t-shirts. This killed me and even though drawing on shirts with Sharpies looked punk and sort of like my idol Sid Vicious, it just wasn’t doing it for me.

Fast forward 15 years and my first t-shirt design is now live at It’s a little surreal to me and the fact that I’m looking at an inbox full of excited individuals stoked on wearing Yerman has put a perma-smile on my face. I can’t thank you all enough for the support these past few days, this is really a dream come true. Now, I know this is my first foray into clothing design but I can guarantee you one thing, this is a shirt you’re going to love for a long, long time. It’s being printed on Anvil Fashion Fit tees which are comparable to American Apparel 2001s are 100% cotton, the design is being discharge screenprinted so it won’t be a bulky screenprint sticking to your skin in the summer heat and I can’t wait to start seeing my little sad yeti popping up on Instagram, at local shows and I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

Again, thank you for the support and I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next for Yerman. :)


If you want to buy a Yerman shirt, head over to