Yerman at Park Jam 2016


What a weekend! Spent the better part of Friday and Saturday painting a terrain park for Zappos Park Jam sponsored by Park Fab. The main piece, a slimed up Yerman, was inspired by my chronic Plants vs. Zombie: Modern Warfare 2 playing lately where you can get new skins for your characters. So here’s Yermie in his slime skin.

Hope you enjoy the pics and if you snapped some of your own (been seeing them all over IG and Snapchat) send them to!

NEW MURAL: Gold Spike (Current Real World Filming Location)


Last week I spent 18 hours painting a brand new mural at The Gold Spike hotel in downtown Las Vegas, NV! This is exciting for a few reasons, one being that this is the first public mural of Yerman that anyone can see and second, Gold Spike is the official filming location for the next season of Real World! Here’s the news from Entertainment Weekly:¬†!

I’ve included a gallery below that details the scope of this project (it covers three walls) from sketch to completion. I had a small team helping me paint which made it go by a lot smoother and I can’t thanks Miguel and Sabriel enough! I was in charge of sketching it out, I had help painting in the cups while I did the Yerman pieces and then I went in and finished filling in colors and adding details. It was a fun project to work on and I can’t wait to see it show up on MTV’s Real World next season!

Hope you enjoy and if you’re ever in the area, come say hi to Yerman and his friends!